List Of Posters Presented

Posters Presented in Pedigen 2012 Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre, Pune.Date`11th &12th Feb 2012 Topics
1 Bardet Biedel syndrome
2 Marquio Syndrome
3 Kasalbach-Meritt Syndrome
4 Goldenhar Syndrome
5 Cruzen Syndrome
6 Neurofibromatosis


1) A case of precocious puberty.

Authers : Dr.Sneha Pawar,Dr.Vineeta Pande,Dr.Shailaja Mane,Dr,Renuka Jadhav,Dr,S.R.Agarkhedkar


2) A case of William`s Syndrome.

Auther : Dr.Sourabh Patel,Dr.Neha Burute,Dr.Shailaja Mane,Dr.Sharad Agarkhedkar


3) Screening for Malnutrition in Adolescent Girls in Chinchwad, Pune.

Authers : Dr.Shailaja Mane, Dr.Ayesha Imran, Dr.Adyanthaya Shachi, Dr.Geeta karamblekar, Dr.Sharad



4) Study of blood pressure and blood sugar levels in adolescents in comparison with body mass index.

Authors : Dr Vineeta Pande, Dr Shailaja Mane, Dr Guru Prakash, Dr Renuka Jadhav, Dr S R Agarkhedkar.


5) Assessment and Compairision of Nutritional status in Adolescents studying in Corporation and Private school.

Authers : Mrs Soundarya, Dr.Shailaja Mane,Mrs.Geeta Dharmatti.


6) Study of Life style of first year Medical college students.

Authers : Dr. Shailaja Mane ,Dr.Neha Burute,Dr. Adyanthay Shachi, Dr.S.R.Agarkhedkar,. Dr.Vijay Dhobale.


(7) Study of associative factors of obesity in adolescents.

Authors : Mrs.Rupali Salvi, Dr.Pratibha Chandekar,Dr.Shailaja Mane.


8) Role of Media in Adolescents at Adolescon ,Jaipur, Nov 2010.