Achievement of Dept.of Paeditrics

The Department of Pediatrics was awarded with Best Oral Paper Award in 12th National conference

“ADOLESCON-2012” held on 1st and 2nd Sept 2012,in Goa.

  • Dr.Shailaja Mane(Associate Prof) recieived award for Best Oral Paper in more than 35 yrs age category.

Study of blood pressure and blood sugar levels in adolescents in comparison with body mass index.

Authors : Dr.Vineeta Pande, Dr.Shailaja Mane, Dr.Guru Prakash, Dr.Renuka Jadhav, Dr.S.R.Agarkhedkar.

  • Dr. Adyanthay Shachi (PG student Dept of PSM) was on rotation posting in Dept of Paediatrics.

She received Award for Best Oral Paper under 35yrs.of age category.

Study of Life style of first year Medical college students

Authors: Dr.Neha Burute, Dr.Adyanthay Shachi, Dr.S.R.Agarkhedkar,Dr.Shailaja Mane, Dr.Vijay Dhobale.

  • Two posters received Best Posters Award.

Following members have contributed in the form of Images and practical text in section No.15, Adolescent Health and

Medicine (303 to 322) IAP colour Altlas of Pediatrics is published by Jaypee Brothers in Jan 2012 in which

1. Dr.Shailaja Mane(Asso. Prof) – Total 23 images with text.